dr Poket Health Point sells OTC drugs, Vitamins and supplements in cups for immediate use.

How it works?

Select a drug

Select a medicine you want to take on a large touchscreen.

Choose an amount

Select an amount of pills that you want to take.


Make fast payment using credit card or mobile phone.

Receive your med

Medicines will be dispensed in a cup and they are ready to be taken.

Our device is more than a vending machine for OTC medicines. It is a self-sales network enabling previously unattainable savings in distribution costs, providing you with all information on your devices and their stock levels. At the same time it is the source of priceless data about your customers and their medicine taking needs.

Devices's locations and stock levels
OTC+Rx medicines statistics
Patients' wellbeing
Drugs' popularity ranking
Medicine taking adherence
Demographic data

Why to cooperate?

Sell OTC drugs everywhere

In cups for immediate use in public places such as: hotels, offices, groceries, pharmacies or airports.

Decrease distribution costs

Pills are sold without packages. One device can hold up to 20 different types of medicines (20k pcs. each) and it’s stock level can be monitored remotely.

Products advertising

There is an advertising opportunity on large devices’ screen in plenty very convenient locations.

Track your customers

Thanks to dr Poket Mobile App, you can track users and collect data about their medical behaviours.

dr Poket App

dr Poket Health Point users can download dr Poket app, that helps them taking the right drug at the right time. It provides information about possible drug interactions or precautions, and allows making payments for pills.

  • Add your medicines - automatically when buying or manually from the complete US drugs list
  • Check precautions - immediate feedback if medicine interferes with user's everyday activities or other drugs
  • Never forget to take a pill - when the time comes, user's phone will remind user about the need of taking medications and indicate correct dosage

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